Monday, November 17, 2014

reading books

(So maybe I totally set up this cheesy little photo situation but, turns out, Hero was super into it. Giggling and walking around the circle on the books again and again. And then, of course, she lined them all up in a "book train" to walk over a million times. I gotta tell ya, it's pretty dang fun having a toddler who willingly and happily lets me take her picture.)

Hero's always adored reading books. I was the same when I was her age. In fact, my parents have home videos of me sitting on my bed and "reading" (reciting from memory) Clifford books. I LOVE that she enjoys reading so much. Not a day goes by that the two of us don't spend 30 mins to an hour sitting and reading together.

A few weeks ago, we had our very first real library experience. We brought home about 10 new books and, for the next 48 hours, I probably read those books to her for about 5 cumulative hours. A few days later, we took those books back and got new ones. I have a feeling this is going to totally save me this winter. And, the thing is, although I get pretty sick of the books that I've read a hundred times in two days, I NEVER get sick of the actual activity of reading of them to her.

When Goldie's awake, I've been letting her in on the action, too. I hold her on my lap and Hero snuggles up to me real close. With a warm, cozy blanket covering all three of us, I read to both of them. I'm pretty sure it's the closest thing to heaven that there is. Actually- I take that back- when we can watch the snow fall outside WHILE reading all together- THAT will be absolute heaven on earth.

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